The Trek

Pedalling Across Canada, 2021

Friends, family, and strangers… Welcome! This summer, I leave my life in the city to jump into an adventure that’ll take me way out of my comfort zone. I’ll be riding my bike across Canada, from West Coast to East Coast, or as far as I can make it. Safe to say, the full magnitude of such trip hasn’t really hit me yet, and as much as I’ve tried to prepare myself for it, I have no idea what to expect! You’ll be able to follow along with my experiences here (all of ’em… good or bad, highs and lows.) Stay tuned!

Thank you for being here! Means a lot!

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Day 30 – Re-Ignition

Hiii everyone! Bonjour! Alexis here. You didn’t really think I’d leave without saying goodbye, did you? I did promise (to you and to myself) that

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Total est. distance

7,000 km

Total Est. Duration

99 days

Noble Steed

Fuji Touring Disc

Current province

Newfoundland and Labrador


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