About the trip

the trek 2021

This summer, I’ll be setting off to take on one of the biggest adventures of my life: riding my bike across Canada. I’ve been craving to go on a big trip, one that would allow to really take a step back from the everything, just focus on each current day, and ultimately reset… Ya know?

“The trek” will begin on June 5th, where I’ll dip my back tire in the Pacific on the shores of Vancouver. From there, I’ll be making my way towards the Atlantic; going as far as possible, with the ultimate goal of reaching St. John’s, Newfoundland as the final destination (fingers crossed, given the current travel restrictions.)

I’m so excited to experience our country, one day at a time, with no choice but to be fully immersed in the great outdoors. From start to finish (if all goes to plan), it’ll take me across 10 provinces, nearly 7,000km, and up to three and a half months to complete.

I’ll be spending most days on the road, and most of nights stealth camping somewhere in the bush, with the occasional stops to see some familiar faces along the way.

Am I nervous? Absolutely. There’s no shortage of things that are getting my heart racing; bear encounters, sketchy highway shoulders, technical difficulties (have I mentioned that I’m no bike expert), to, let’s face it, pain. A lot of pain. I’m sure the surprises will not cease to amaze.

All that said, I cannot wait to kick this thing off. Thank you all so much for being here, and for the words of encouragement that you’ve sent my way! I’ll certainly be looking back on them when times get challenging. Merci!

COVID-19 Personal Protocol

These times do come with many uncertainties. Safety will be at the top of my mind throughout the trip. More so, respecting the safety of others, and especially those that are most vulnerable. While I will be spending the vast majority of my time within my own bubble, I will be closely following local safety protocols for those times where interaction is required. I’ve gotten my vaccine prior to the trip to further eliminate potential risks.