Day 19 – Home Away From Home

Breakfast of Champions

The good times continued at Cliff and Cheryl’s, as Cliff had just prepared his signature BC blueberry pancakes, along with bison sausage.

After seconds, and thirds, I was unable to help finish ‘em off, which was a first for me this trip.

Sooo good!

Having recently thoroughly read through my blog posts, Cheryl learned about “Wilson”, my duck companion from earlier that had left me somewhere in Revelstoke. She presented me with a new Good Luck Duck! Tristian (I just named him as I’m typing this out.) Wilson left big shoes to fill, but I already know the adventures with Tristian are going to be epiccc.

The Gift

A very touching moment for me was speaking with Carol, Cheryl’s mother. She told me a story about how she had gone to Niagara Falls many years ago, and bought a rare rotating lamp. Fast forward some years, and she nearly sold it in a yard sale. But instead, she put it up on Ebay, where it right away sold for $100.

She then presented me a hundred dollar bill, and told me that she wanted to put towards something good.

I was speechless and deeply honoured to be the recipient of this kind gesture. I didn’t want to accept it at first, but she wanted me to have it. For me to use as I see fit. She reminded me that something will come up and it will just make sense.


It’s been difficult to leave some of these comforts behind, and leaving Cliff and Cheryl’s was no exception.

But with my newly strapped-in duck, it was time to part ways and continue taking on the road ahead.

Only good memories from that home!

Tube Stop in Moose Jaw

I had been living life on the edge for the past day in a half, with no spare tubes. If I had fit another flat tire, I would’ve had no choice but to hitch a ride to the nearest bike shop, which wouldn’t have been such an easy ask.

I stopped by “Bohs Cycle” shop in Moose Jaw, chatted with some of the bros in the back, and picked up two tubes (and hey, thanks for the help, Chase!)

High Rises on the Horizon

I was on my way to Balgonie, SK where I going to meet Cliff’s son Nathan, and crash in his yard for the night.

Along the way, I passed through the province’s capital, Regina, and it was a strange sight to see these modern high rises in the middle of the prairies! Especially after only have visited an assortment of hamlets and villages since leaving Calgary.

I briefly passed through the city, and again, it felt so bizarre to see that many grocery stores in such a concentrated space. You really start to appreciate the little things.

Balgonie, SK

I satisfyingly arrived at Nathan’s place right at my ETA of 9:00pm. I met him, along with his son, Joe, who came so say hi before bedtime.

Nathan and his family had actually moved here two years ago from Surrey, so still with some fresh BC ties. It was cool to hear his perspective about living out in Saskatchewan. Being closer to family made it a no brainer. A huge plus is also how easy it is to get anywhere!

After our chat, it was time to finish setting up my tent, and call it a day.

Daily Stats

  • Route: Caronport, SK —> Balgonie, SK
  • Distance: 123km
  • Elevation Gain: 302m
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4 Responses

  1. I think the something special did come up – a new pair of shoes soon. Loved having you hear and hearing your travel stories.

  2. We were so blessed to have Alexis for our guest. When he left it was like sending off one of our sons. With the adventures and people he has met along the way it is clear that the Lord is going ahead to prepare the way for Alexis. We are grateful to have been a small part of the story and to have made his friendship.

    1. Yes, the Lord and Alexis’ personal guardian angels are doing a great job for sure… Thank you again so much Cliff and Cheryl for your hospitality and for Cheryl’s mother for her incredible generosity… ! 🙏

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