Day 22 – DIY Repairs and Country Backroads

Hey everyone! Here’s my biweekly “I’m still alive” post haha. These days have been crazy eventful, let me tell ya. Time to catch up on some stories!


In my last post, I had mentioned that I was having issues with my rear wheel being slightly deformed, and not rolling perfectly straight. It was time to deal with it and salvage what I could in order to keep on moving.

I knew that the wrongly sized emergency tube was the root source of my problems. So first things first, replace that tube with the correctly-sized one that I had just bought.

As I went in to perform my operation, I had discovered that one of the spokes had broken off!

No wonder the wheel was skewed. After a quick Google search, it was clear that this repair was something that I wouldn’t be able to even attempt by myself. I needed to take it to a bike shop. The nearest ones were in Brandon, MB, roughly 100km out, which happened to be my next stop.

I switched out the tube, temporarily duct taped the spoke to hold it in place, and packed up. Time for lunch!

The Gardens Diner

For my first proper meal in Manitoba, I found what looked to be another promising mom and pops restaurant, “The Gardens” down the road from the campground in Elkhorn.

As I walked in, the owner looked at me in confusion. It turned out I had the honour of being their first dine-in customer in many months of lockdown! They had just re-opened 30 mins ago!

It was a cozy place, with cabin vibes, and framed portraits of Elvis.

I enjoyed a tasty burger, and some Mac and cheese, and then went out to grab my bike, which I had left by one of the patio tables.

I felt bad as the table had since been occupied by a couple, so naturally I apologized right away. But they were super nice, and had a ton of questions about it all.

Terry and Andrey were their names, and they were on their way back from a peaceful stay in Canmore. It turned out that Terry was a sports editor for a newspaper in Steinbach, and after hearing my story, wanted to meet up later in the week for a proper interview!

Sooo random! But so awesome!


With my wonky rear wheel, I continued forward in what felt like a heavy ride, even though it was far from being the longest.

Closer to Brandon, I took some tranquil country backroads at sunset, going through the fields.

Also saw a ton of wildlife. The deer are so energized around here! When they commit to crossing the road, they COMMIT! Full sprint, and for a second I thought there I was about to get bulldozed by a buck!

I also saw a flock of wild turkey?? Chilling right on the side of the road, until I scared them as I ripped by.

Oh, and the bugs still suck! That part is most definitely not a myth.

I set up my tent at what seemed like the fanciest campground I had been to, and passed right on out.

Daily Stats

  • Route: Elkhorn, MB —> Brandon, MB
  • Distance: 108km
  • Elevation Gain: 168m
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9 Responses

  1. Une diététicienne te dirait:”Mais où sont les légumes et les fibres dans tes repas? Et non les frites ne comptent pas.😵 Et en passant, une petite tranche de tomate timide ainsi qu’une feuille de salade discrète dans un hambourgeois ne comptent pas non plus!”🥴 Le cycliste répondrait:”Moi je veux les calories. On verra plus tard pour les légumes”,🚲😉

    1. Hahahah j’ai mangé une salade monstrueuse l’autre jour pour rattraper un peu!

  2. You are a great story teller and seeing lots of unique wildlife. When we lived up north it was duct tape and Ambroid glue that held everything together. Praying for safety as you travel.

  3. You are a great story teller and seeing lots of unique wildlife. Praying for safety on the road.
    Virtual hugs from sask.

  4. So glad you didn’t get run over by that buck. They jump out of the ditch quite quickly. We know. We’ve had repairs done to our vehicle because one came out of the ditch and ran smack into to front fender. Praying you stay safe.
    You have a great way of sharing your adventures along the way. Keep em coming. I’m enjoying every post.

    1. Ohhh man! I feel like you’re not a true Saskatchewanian until you’ve sadly hit a deer. 😞 Other people have told me the same thing.

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