Day 23 – Forced Rest Day in Brandon

Visit to the Bike Doctor

Got up, packed up, itched my bug bites, and said goodbye to this campsite by the rather epic fountain.

Big day ahead! I needed to get the wobbly rear wheel looked at and fixed by an expert, and continue the road ahead towards my next stop, Bloom, MB.

Seeing that three of Brandon’s four bike shops were closed on Sundays, I headed down to my only other option; Sportchek. Just really hoping they were able to do something… Walked right in with my loaded bike (after some funny looks from the security guards) and found the bike department.

The timing couldn’t have been more unlucky, as their one technician who was supposed to work that day called in sick!

But you know what, after all the good breaks I had gotten, I was bound to get some bad ones.

Back to the Drawing Board

It was time to sit down, eat, and regroup.

The choices were either to just wait it out until one of the shops opened (the soonest one, “Wheat City Cycle”, was on the Monday. All the others were on Tuesday.) This would put me further behind the initial schedule, but at least would allow my body to fully rest up. OR the second option was to just keep on going with the bike as is towards Winnipeg, which was two days away, and definitely find a bike shop there. The bike was certainly still rideable, but definitely less efficient, and could risk getting worse.

Ahh screw it. Rest day it is!

Takin’ It Easy

For the first time since Shuswap Lake, over two weeks ago, I took a full rest day. Such a strange feeling, not having to be on the road at all, biking until sunset. My body had gotten so accustomed to that pace.

Right away, I knew I wanted to head back to that campground, set up my tent in the exact same spot, and rent out one of the paddle boards I had scoped out the night prior.

That’s exactly what I did… Doing laps on end around the fountain to my heart’s desire (Skylar, I get why this is so addicting) It was so nice to take the proper breather, and catch up on life.

To celebrate, I even finally drank that can of “Hey Y’all” that Richie had given me back in Hope, BC, that I had uselessly been lugging around with me this whole time… Up the Coquihalla, through the Rockies, and across the prairies… A true ceremonial moment.

Also, here’s the update on my world-class cyclist tan lines. They’re really coming along, as you can see hahaha.

Grabbed a quick bite downtown, and called it a day.

Let’s try this again tomorrow!

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7 Responses

  1. Excellent day for a rest. Glad you made that decision. Sorry the bike needed more expert repair but, Monday was soon enough. Great pictures of your “world-class biker’s tan”. 👍🏼😉😀

  2. You’re tan is epic. It tells a story in itself. Can you get one of the side of your face with the helmet strap tan?
    How do you take the photos with you in them? They are fantastic. So many people only have the selfie style, arm in the air with scene in the background, but yours are WAY better photos. Love your perspective on everything.

    1. Thanks Cheryl!! I use a little tripod, and connect my Apple Watch to my phone to take them. 🙂

      1. Great idea. Now I know and will have to try and connect our watches to our phones.
        Great pictures.

  3. Très sage décision de prendre une journée de repos et aussi de t’assurer que ton vélo puisse être réparé demain… Il serait dommage qu’il brise entre deux villes

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