T-7 Days! Welcome to the Blog

Hey All, Welcome! Bienvenue!

Alexis here, thanks for stopping by. Ok, this’ll be my very first go at a blog article… please bare with me.

Today marks one week until I take off for what’ll surely be one of the biggest (if not, THE biggest) adventure of my life; taking on this vast country by bike. I’ll be leaving from my home in Vancouver on June 5th (next Saturday.) It definitely still doesn’t feel real, and more so like a crazy dream. I expect it to really hit me on the first night, laying in my tent, probably legs quite sore, knowing that the pedalling I did that day, I’ll be doing daily for nearly the next 3 months.

I’m most looking forward to seeing some beautiful spots in this country that I’ve never taken the time to explore, the time to self reflect (there’ll be plenty of that!), and the people that I’ll meet as I go.

There’s bound to be no shortage of surprises and challenges along the way, and good or bad, I’ll be looking forward to sharing the stories right here in this very blog! Absolutely no idea of the kinds of experiences I’ll be taking back with me after this is all said and done. All I know, is that I’m crazy excited to get it started.


A Few Shout Outs

Special shout out to a few people who have consciously or subconsciously inspired me to do this in some kind of way.

  • Simon, Benoit, for the constant adventures you’re taking on across the world in countries that can require great bravery for most.
  • Briac, for listening to yourself and putting your “regular life” aside to live some experiences you’ll never forget, and do a lot of good along the way.
  • Timmy, for being one of the OG guys to document his cycling across Canada trip on YouTube, and being an awesome dude that I cannot wait to meet!
  • Papa, for all the stories of shenanigans that you and the bois did when you were in your 20s.


That’s just naming a few! Also a big thank you to everyone who’s sent me words of encouragements so far. You’re all amazing.

Stay tuned for more!

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3 Responses

  1. First step: Happy Birthday to You Alexis !
    Second step (en français) : toutes les fois que tu seras fatigué de pédaler, pense au col de l’Izoard.
    Oncle Jacques l’a vaincu en 19.. (il y a longtemps!)
    Third step: Tu pars en avance sur le Tour de France (le 26/06) mais ton trip est plus long … alors, pas de problème si tu arrives après eux.
    Feel good ! Nous sommes fiers de ton initiative et t’encourageons dans ton entreprise.
    Elisabeth & Michel

  2. Hey Alexis,
    We are very impressed by this great trip you are about to ride ! We will love following your trip ! Have fun and enjoy ! Lots of love from France !
    Marie, Thomas and kids

  3. Hi Alexis! Yes indeed that is going to be one big adventure. I look forward to following your blog to see how you are doing along the way, love Ta Ta Ton

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